Train with Jeff
720 480-4979

My passion is wellness.  Wellness means so many things to me.  A a few
examples would be:

•        Having more energy during the day
•        Sleeping more soundly and truly recovering/restoring homeostasis
•        Moving WITH less pain (moving with your body instead of against it)
•        Being able to dead lift your own body weight

It all comes down to “What’s YOUR goal and how may I support you on your
journey towards it?”  

The fun pass entitles you to the following one time events:

•        10% off when you purchase a wellness/training package of 3 months or
•        10% off your first Avatar appointment

If you want to learn more about me, please call me at 720 480-4979.  You
may also check out my website, my Facebook
page and my business card for your phone.