A close friend was in desperate need of dental work and dentures. She had
lost many of her top teeth with others severely decayed. Her lack of teeth
impacted her self confidence and ability to get a job.  However, she has
been struggling to pay her bills with no money for dental expenses.  In an
effort to help with her dental work I decided to raise funds by offering
Denver Fun Passes to all of our friends and family for a small donation. As
a result I have collected $1,014.00 from donors in Colorado to help cover
her extractions, denture and realignments, and nearly $1500 overall. Her
dental work is now completed with a promise of a bright new smile in her
near future. By offering Denver Fun Passes, donors also received a benefit
for their contribution with discounts to many local small businesses. The
Denver Fun Pass is a wonderful source for collecting money for fund raising
needs to help friends, family, schools, churches, clubs, associations, or
charities. The passes offer a 3 way benefit with the majority of the
proceeds applied to the fund raising effort while also providing discounted
services to contributors, and support to small businesses.