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Sunray Video Productions specializes in creating effective videos for
individuals, businesses and organizations that are as compelling to watch as
they are informative.  Based in San Diego, California, just 2 hours from Los
Angeles, we've also become one of the top providers of video and film to
DVD transfer services in the country.

Since 1996, Sunray has produced thousands of videos for clients including
marketing and demo videos, seminars and instructional videos, informational
products for professional speakers, television commercials, videos for
websites and trade shows, biographical tribute videos, and videotaping of live
events and stage performances.

Clients from all over the country and overseas have shipped their films and
videos to us to be put onto DVDs and encoded into computer files.  Sunray
can convert 8mm, Super8 and 16mm film to video and DVD, PAL video to
NTSC video, MPEG to QuickTime files, AVI to Betacam, and more.

Do you have a DVD that you need to get 100 copies of within 2 days with
cases and sleeves?  Give us a call.  We provide CD and DVD duplication,
complete with graphic design and color printing for labels and cases to make
your product look professional.  We'll even show you how to keep your DVDs
from damaging DVD players that will surely anger your clients or friends.

Do you have an upcoming event that needs a special biographical or tribute
video?  We've been "wowing" audiences for years with our unique photo/video
montage presentations.  Check out our photo & video montage page to find
out why.  We can project them onto a large screen at your event for your
guests to enjoy.

No question is too trivial.  Let us walk you through the production process and
help you evaluate all of your video and media-related needs.  We want to
ensure that you leave our office with a complete professional product that
fulfills all of your requirements.

We Specialize in:
Transferring video to other formats  (i.e. VHS to MPEG, QuickTime or AVI)
Video for the web  (i.e. VHS or DVD to Windows Media or Flash)
Foreign video conversions  (i.e. PAL to NTSC)  
DVD & Video duplication & replication
8mm & 16mm home movie film transfers to DVD and video  
Biography and tribute videos  (i.e. Photos to video, video montages, etc.)
Dance recitals, performances  
Large screen video projection at events

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