Let us show you how we can make your home a greener home and help you keep some green
in your pocket, with new
replacement windows and siding.  Most new home builders have
been installing the lowest grade window on the market.  An analysis of your present windows will
show how much heat your windows are actually losing.  In many cases, new homes will start to
lose as much as 40% of their heat through those low grade windows within the first 10 years.  
How your home settles may also affect the energy performance of the windows.  Seals may start
to break within the first 10 years too, losing some insulation value and causing condensation
between the glass panes, making your windows difficult to see through.

Installation of our high performance windows and siding will reduce energy bills by as much as
30-40%, and will increase the value of your home.  By increasing your attic's insulation to R49
or higher, you can save another 20%.  Energy costs rise at an annual rate of 10-15% according
to HUD and the US Dept of Energy.  This means your energy bill could double every 7-10
years!  Imagine cutting your present energy bill of $200/month to $100, or your future bill of
$500/month down to $250.

According to Remodeling Magazine, the average cost of upscale replacement windows for the
Denver area is over $1200 per window.  Most contractors in Colorado are charging over $1000
each for high energy efficient windows installed, and up to $30,000 to install new vinyl siding.  
Let us show you how you can get the very best products installed at a fraction of the cost, while
increasing the value of your home by thousands of dollars.

At Certified Home Services we will customize your windows based on what your needs and
preferences are.  You can also choose custom features like improved security, easy clean
and custom grids.  We also install beautiful bow and bay windows as well as sliding patio
doors.  There are a couple of fantastic siding choices and many incredible colors and
accessories to choose from that will give your home more curb appeal.

Denver Funpass holders can call and receive our energy inspection, (a $200 value), free of
charge. As a proud vendor in the Denver Fun Network, we are offering 10% off the regular price
on any window or siding project over $2500 to all Denver Fun Network members.  To schedule
your free energy efficiency inspection or to shop our windows from the convenience of your
home, call Craig at 720 217-7226.