FUNd Raising Made Easy
Self Service

Welcome to our self service page for fundraising activities.  We make raising
money for your group or organization as easy, fun and profitable as possible.  
We specialize in helping small groups raise amounts from $500-5,000 per
fundraising activity, but can add event planning and other support for larger
fundraising needs.  

It's as easy as clicking buttons on this page to find ways we can help you
improve your fundraising efforts.  We can start with something very simple
like offering our memberships by clicking the
rewards button.  You can also
find local restaurants and other businesses that will help you with your
fundraising by clicking the
merchants button on this page.  If you are looking
for local bands or DJ's to provide  music for concerts or dances, just click the
musicforhire button on this page.  If you'd like us to plan an event to help
you raise money, just click on the event
planning button.  If you need
individual consulting to find our more about how we can help you meet your
money raising goals, please click the
contact us button.

See how easy and simple it is to use the Denver Fun Network to bring in
more revenues.  It's one of the many reasons we call this the "Fun Network".
We look forward to helping you with your next fundraising endeavor.