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Divine Matchmaker &
Relationship Wellness
What could possible be more fun than being happily in love?  Regina Sisco
has spent several years matching up many people and counseling many more
in how to improve their relationships.  She takes a comprehensive approach
to making successful relationships happen.  Denver Fun Pass holders will
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Say Yes to Love Workshop

Saturday, October 19th 1-4pm

Many people are afraid to say ‘yes’ to love. They think they are ready for love
and actually they are very afraid of love.

Some people are in denial, some create extravagant barriers like “I only want
to date someone who has “this, this, or this.” Sound familiar? These are
barriers or excuses that you use to keep yourself safe and protected and
disconnected from your true desires.

If you would like to feel safe so that you can say “Yes” to love, this may be
the perfect workshop for you!

What’s in it for you?

-   Restored Self-Trust
-   Renewed Self-Love
-   Powerful Self-Confidence

You will participate in self-discovery exercises, a guided visualization and
techniques that will help to clear away the past and open the door to a
fabulous future!

Cost is $57.00 in advance here is the link to pay by Paypal.  $67.00 at the
door. (cash or check)  
PLEASE RSVP BEFORE OCTOBER 19 so I know how many packets to
prepare. Thanks a much fun!

Look forward to seeing you there!