Denver Fun Network Business
Vendor Participation Programs
Denver Fun Business Opportunities

The Networking Plan, ($100/year) includes:

Use of Funpasses, ($2500 worth of valuable marketing support).
Listing your business in our Merchants, discounts and community sections.
Links to your website.
Invitations to networking and social events.
Increased exposure of your business.
Participation in community and charitable events.
Use of our Facebook page for events and promotions.
Frequent referrals to your business.
Opportunity to sponsor monthly newsletter.

Additional Services for businesses include:
•        Build a free standing website for your business.  Plans start for as little as $500.       
•        Business rewards program-Join our website and purchase discounted Denver Fun
    Passes to reward your employees, customers or prospective clients
•        Denver Fun Network Event Planning
•        Business plans-Complete and comprehensive business plans starting from $695
•        Small business consulting available, plans start from $100
•        Shopping reports-plans start at $150 for 3 reports.
•        Event or email sponsorships starting at $25 each.
•        Placement of your promotional items in an event.  Membership in the network required.
•        Selling discount gift cards for your business.
•        Buying discount cards from our vendors.

Top 10 Business Uses of the Funpass

1.   Build/Reward referrals
2.   Use as Thank You for business.
3.   Build email or social media following.
4.   Reward prospects, current customers to set appointments.
5.   Reward to group leader for organizing event at your location.
6.   Use as a Customer Service tool.
7.   Donate as an item to a local charitable event or fund raiser.
8.   Use to reward regular/frequent customers.
9.   Door prize for your own events.
10. Include funpasses in your package deals to your customers.

To sign up you business with Denver Fun Network, please click here.  Many custom
programs are available for your small business.  For more programs and information on how
to get started reaching more customers today, please email us at
With over thousands of membership cards in circulation,  
offering discounts and promotions to our membership can
help you with exposure, market penetration and profitability,
as well as a wider range of new clients to your business.
We can tailor a plan that best fits your business or you can
start with our Networking Plan.  Participation in our events,
networking opportunities and community involvement can add
hundreds of dollars in revenues each month.