Kory Brunson Band

Whether you caught Kory Brunson in his earlier days of rock and roll, or you recently
jumped onto the bandwagon while the band was performing hard rockin’ songs like,
“Good Clean Dirty Fun”, there is a common thread shared by the growing number of the
Kory Brunson Band fans.  Whether you're a rock star or a or a school teacher,  a
construction worker or a waitress, they've got you on their radar.

The band is coming together in a big way these days by delivering an upbeat sound and
lyrics that cover more topics than a whole month of Oprah.  Their most loyal fans really
do identify with those lyrics because they relate so well with their own lives.  Whether
they are honoring the men and women of our armed forces, stay at home moms, or just
plain fans of country music, the band is striking a familiar message with music fans all
over Colorado.  Country music and Colorado have never been more perfect together.

Ask about where the band is now and where they would like to be and you’ll likely get a
response similar to, “We are just trying to make great music.  Any great strides the band
makes, comes from what we can produce musically”.  Last year this still unsigned band
was heard on radio stations all across the country and charted higher than many well
known acts.  This year they actually moved out of that basement recording studio, re-
recorded a song in Nashville and are currently working overtime to produce the band’s
first CD to be released in 2010.

“Until a couple of years ago, I was playing mostly rock and roll music“, states lead singer
Kory Brunson.  The song titled, “We Know You’re Out There”, got some play on local
station KYGO and suddenly Kory and the band were slated as country artists.  “We kept
writing and playing more country music because as we got older, we found that we
weren’t really that angry at our parents or our plight in life and the we actually do love our
country, our families and God.  You have to keep that hard edge to do hard rock,“ adds

As to what he contributes to the band really coming into its own now, Kory says, “We
now are a group of professional musicians.  No one has to leave work at a bank or a
store to go play a gig.  That makes a big difference in our commitment to produce our
music.”  You’ll find members of this band teaching music in our local school system,
teaching one on one or leading a music ministry at a local westside church.

A dedication to produce a quality sound, a quality product and a desire to not lose touch
with real people in Colorado should keep this band headed in the right direction for a
long time to come.  A breakout CD later in 2010 may take the band from being one this
region’s best country acts, to a national act.  Signing with the right label may be right
around the corner for Kory and the band.  This is a great time to be a rising star in the
country music industry, because make no mistake about it, country music is making a
big comeback.  It may not be in the number of patrons attending your local tavern, or in
the number of people buying cowboy boots these days, but country music is quietly on
the verge of making a big splash.  Adult contemporary stations all across this nation are
committing almost a third of their airtime to country artists, while more artists than ever
are breaking into the country charts.

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You’ll find the video tributes to the song, We Know You’re Out There”, and others by
visiting www.YouTube.com/kory brunson.

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Satuday, Mar 1 *2014* – Private Event – Vail, CO (tb-PLS)

Friday, Mar 7th *2014* – Kans 4 Kids Benefit Concert benefiting childhood cancer – Great Bend, KS.

Thursday, Mar 20th *2014* – Private Event (ab-WHT)

Saturday, Mar 22nd – *2014* – Private Event  -Denver, CO – Hyatt Regency Centennial Ballroom (kbb)

Saturday, April 12th *2014* – Lonetree, CO (kbb)

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Saturday, May 3rd – *2014* – Denver, CO – 6pm-10pm – Private Event @ Seawell (chr-WHT)

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