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Do you know if your roof has incurred damage or will make it through
the next storm season?

Insurance companies don't often tell their customers that if you have
sustained enough damage for them to replace your roof, you usually have
only 6-12 months to make repairs or you will own the damage on your roof
and your roof now becomes uninsurable.  We offer annual roof certifications
for homeowners at no cost to insure when they incur new storm damage to
their roofs, their insurance company will pay to replace.  If we find significant
amounts of damage we can work with your insurance company to maximize
the claim to pay for all damages to your home.  Our reps have two decades
of construction and property management experience.  

Are your heating/cooling bills clearing the $200/month barriers?  

Nearly 2 out of 3 homes in Colorado are not properly insulated.  Most newer
homes have very little energy efficiency in their windows and many older
homes still have windows that have little or no energy efficiency at all.  We
can perform attic inspections and take a look at your windows with a free
inspection.  Denver Fun Pass holders can get a free wall to wall energy
inspection of their home.  We also can work with an Excel inspector if you'd
like to have their full energy audit preformed in order to capture the many
Excel Energy rebates.

Are your gutters holding up well?  

Many homes still have steel gutters that are slowly rusting away.  Also, there
are many times homeowners will have work completed that will comprise the
effectiveness of their gutters.  Many gutter companies don't install their
product properly causing leaks to occur within just a few years and exposing
homeowners to damage to their home's exterior or concrete.  A regular
inspection of your gutters can save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Craig at 720 217-7226 today, to get a free inspection of your home.  
Whether it is loss of heat in the winter time, water leakage from your
roof/gutters or parts of your home that look less than new, we can inspect
your home to resolve these problems and find the most economical ways to
fix up your home.