Fun Passes


Fun passes are our membership cards that can be used to receive discounts
around Colorado.  Our members can save hundreds of dollars each year on
events, while eating at restaurants, finding contractors or buying goods and
services.  Members can browse through our Merchants or Discounts page to
find our list of participating merchants and find the amount of savings they
can receive each time they present their funpass.  The cost of a funpass is
$25 for at least 12 months of savings.  The current funpass is good through
12/31/16. To start saving money and having more fun, please click on the
Buy Now button below.

Fun passes for Fund Raising

Local charities and groups have been using funpasses to raise more money
with much less work.  Unlike other discount cards or coupon books, our local
charities and groups get to keep as much as 95% of the proceeds from
distributing the funpass.  To find out more about using the funpass to
increase your fund raising, please click

Fun passes for Your Business

Fun passes and participation in the Fun Network are both great ways to
reach out to new prospective clients.  They are also designed to help you
build repeat and referral business, as well as help you increase the number
of followers to your email and social media.  We help you reach thousands of
potential customers for the least amount of money.  With thousands of
members owning fun passes and many more participating in our social and
networking groups, we can help bring many clients through your doors or
introduce you to many people along the front range.  

To learn more about adding your business to the Fun Network please click