Fundraising Fun

Okay, so now is the time to start planning on how to raise enough money to
accomplish what you need to get done this year.  The Denver Fun Pass can
be the most beneficial tool you have ever used.  In addition to the many
other methods of fund raising at our disposal, the entire Denver Fun
Network family of fund raising packages can meet the needs of most groups
or individuals better and more cost effectively than most other options.

Our target for fund raising campaigns is between $1,000 and $20,000.  It is
ideal for local sports teams, church groups, school groups, families and
individuals.  We have also created a self service page to help find venues,
bands and participating businesses who are interested in helping you raise
money.  To learn more about our self service page click

Fund Raising Options

Denver Fun Passes
Social Events
Contractors for a Cause
Merchant participation
Fun Pass distributorship
Promoting local businesses
Festivals and shows
Rewards programs
Golf Tournaments
Concerts and more

To find out more information on how much money we can help you raise,
please email us at

                            Fun Passes/Rewards Program

What is your fund raising goal for this year?
  a.) $1,000
  b.) $2,000
  c.) $5,000
  d.) $10,000

Fun passes will help reward your donors and potentially double the amount in
donations received by your group.  The retail value of each pass is $25.  By
rewarding your donors with a gift, the average donation goes from $10-20 per
person to $25-40 per person.  

Get 50   donations to earn $1,200+
Get 100 donations to earn $2,400+
Get 200 donations to earn $4,800+
Get 500 donations to earn $12,000

You can see how quickly you can reach your goals when your donors are
motivated to donate and receive in kind, something that can be worth much more
than what they offered.

                                  Merchant Participation

The easiest way to get merchants involved, is to help us add more merchants to
our network.  Simply sign up local businesses to the Denver Fun Network and
receive 75% of the enrollment fee for your group.  The smallest plan is the
Networking Plan at $100 per year.  The business will be advertised on this site,
have free links to their website or Facebook page and receive 100 fun passes to
increase their email list, Facebook likes, number of appointments and/or referrals.  

Sign up 12 businesses in 2015 and receive an extra $100 bonus for a total of
$1000 for your group.  The attraction to the small businesses owner is that they get
to write off the entire $100 as an advertising expense, while increasing their
exposure to thousands of potential customers.  Your group can also reward the
merchant by bringing in business from you membership.