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This network was designed to help people save money on events,
products and services,  while raising money for charities and
helping small businesses and local sales people become more
competitive.  We also help people find more things to do and to
live a healthier, more active, lifestyle.

Over the past few years, we have helped organizations raise
thousands of dollars for charities and have helped many small
business owners turn their declining sales numbers around.  In
2013, we will be expanding our network of businesses to help
consumers stretch their dollars even further, as well as being
proactive in recruiting more groups to join in the fun with us here
on the network.

Here at the Denver Fun Network we strive to do more for our
members and fund raising groups than any other local
organization.  Our members can realistically save hundreds of
dollars each year.  Our Denver Fun Passes can pay local fund
raising groups up to 3 times more than most coupons books can
pay.  Memberships for 2013 are currently for sale at the low price
of $24.95.  The value of these memberships have already
reached over a thousand dollars for some of our members.  If you
have any questions about adding your group or working with our
network, please contact us at

Our businesses love us because we can offer them exposure to
thousands of potential customers, free employment listings,
opportunities to offer special promotions, events at their place of
business, low cost shopping reports, consultants at below market
prices, a dental plan and incentives for their employees.  We offer
these items to local businesses starting at only $50 per year.  Our
networking plans and web page offers are very popular too.

We compare very favorably to other marketing opportunities
around town.  For instance, if you wanted to send coupons out to
an entire zip code, most mail packs will charge you up to $400 per
zip code, plus you will still have to honor the discount or coupon.
If you wanted to join a networking or leads group, you could pay
up to $500 per year with no certainty of getting any strong leads.
If you need a presence on the internet, where else can you go for
as little as $50 per year?  If you would like to reward customers
for their business, employees for their efforts or individuals for
their referrals, where else can you get as much value than with a
Fun Pass?

Thank You

The Prez