Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive my discounts?

Discounts can come in many forms such as presenting your Denver Fun Pass,
(membership card), to any of our merchants, as well as downloading coupons off
of this site, signing up for an event, responding to an email offer, visiting a link or
website from one of our many vendors.

How do I get a Fun Pass?

It's as easy as visiting our membership page and ordering your Fun Pass.  You
may also receive a Fun Pass from one of our many fund raising organizations if you
made a minimum donation.  Fun Passes are for sale on this site for the low price of
$24.95.  To offer Fun Passes to your contributors, clients, employees or potential
leads, please contact us at

How long does my membership last?

Currently, our membership cards expire each year in December.  If you purchased
a card after March in any given year, the membership will be extended through the
next year.

What types of events are there?

There will be a wide variety of events including concerts, attending games, happy
hours, outdoor activities, special events, fund raising events, wine tastings, dances,
mixers, dinners, parties and many, many more.  These events will be organized
through our social and networking groups.

How do I list my group or business?

You can list your group or your business simply by becoming a member of this
network and purchasing a Fun Pass.  We have some very attractive offers for  
vendors to join this site.  Please visit our business section to find out more.

What types of fund raising can we do with Denver Fun Network?

We offer an unlimited variety of options to help you meet your goal.  Starting on an  
entry  level, many groups offer our passes to anyone who contributes $25 or more.
Since we reward our groups up to three times more than most coupon books, our
groups can raise more money and at a faster rate.  We offer event planning
services to help your group maximize your fund raising at each event.  These
events can range from dinners to golf tournaments to concerts, parties and special
events.  Our network is best suited to help small local groups raise from $1,000 to
$10,000 in a very short time.

How can I become involved with the Denver Fun Network?

This is as easy as getting a Denver Fun Pass, listing your business or signing up for
our news letter.  Click
here to get started with your fun pass today.

Are there any career opportunities with Denver Fun Network?

We are currently hiring representatives for our network.  We are looking to fill
positions as networking hosts, fund raising specialists, consultants and social
networking specialists.  Our representatives work their own hours and can be full
time or part time.  Successful reps will earn between $20 and $50 an hour.  We
also offer paid internships for high school and college students.  Our vendors may
also post any job openings on our site at no cost.  Please visit our Income
Opportunities page in our business section to learn more or contact us at