Denver Fun Network Business

Join our network today and find out how to build your network of referrals,
use small donations leading to regular business, how to improve your
networking results and how to successfully target specific groups for your
business. The all inclusive approach of networking, advertising, event
promotions, facebook promotions and community involvement make your
$100/year investment in the Denver Fun Network the best value in town.  
We have made a comparison of costs for common marketing and
networking practices for local businesses:

Item                                                Average Costs        

Coupon mail outs                           $400 per zip code/mailout      
Joining leads groups                      $100-500/yr.                    
Local magazine ads                        $100-1,000 each time      
Joining professional assoc.            $200-800/yr.                  
Newspaper adv.                             $300-1500 each              
Radio adv.                                      $500-3000                     
Television adv.                               $1,000+                          
Websites                                        $1,000's                       

Usually a business will need to offer some kind of promotion or special
pricing with most of the marketing and networking practices mentioned on
top of the costs listed above.  

The networking plan for $100 per year includes 100 Fun Passes to give to
your employees, business associates, referrals, or people joining your
email list or facebook page.  An incredible value receiving over $2500 in
marketing support as well as your listing on this website, links to your site
and the use of our facebook page.

Benefits of Fun Network Business Membership

Use of Fun passes, ($2500 worth of valuable marketing support).
Listing your business in our Merchants, discounts and community sections.
Links to your website.
Invitations to networking and social events.
Increased exposure of your business.
Participation in community and charitable events.
Use of our Facebook page for events and promotions.
Frequent referrals to your business.
Book or attend events with our members.

Top 10 Business Uses of the Fun pass

1.   Build/Reward referrals
2.   Use as Thank You for business.
3.   Build email or social media following.
4.   Reward prospects, current customers to set appointments.
5.   Reward to group leader for organizing event at your location.
6.   Use as a Customer Service tool.
7.   Donate as an item to a local charitable event or fund raiser.
8.   Use to reward regular/frequent customers.
9.   Door prizes for your own events.
10. Include fun passes in your package deals to your customers.

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