First of all, thank you for your interest.  The Denver Fun Network would like to offer your
group a great opportunity to help some local fundraising groups.  First of all, we can list your
band on our self service music for hire page at no cost.  We would hope that you would be
able to give a local fundraising group a small discount to perform at their event to help them
raise money.  For regular non-fundraising events like corporate events, parties or wedding
receptions charging regular fees for performances will work just fine.

Web Page Package for local bands
Our value package to help you and your band’s interests.  For the simple cost of an annual
membership, ($25/year), we can build a web page to post pictures, videos, links and general
information to put you in our music section. You will also be able to save hundreds of dollars
each year on goods and services and join any of our networking groups as a member of the
Denver Fun Network.  You may also post any of your social or networking groups for free in
our networking section.

Music Networking Package       
To help brand your band and your business interests, we are offering a musical networking
package for $50 per year, which includes everything listed in the web package for local
bands, plus free Denver Fun Network memberships for your entire band, free listings for
music lessons offered and we will plan to attend one of your upcoming public performances
with one or more of our groups.
We are dedicated to helping local school, church, sports teams and nonprofit organizations
raise money.  There are a lot of good reasons to join our network, but perhaps the best
reasons for your band to join is the incredible value, the exposure and the rewards for
helping out some wonderful causes.  If you have any additional questions, you may reach
me at 720-217-7226.