Terms of Membership
Membership Agreement

1.  I agree to abide  the following rules and guidelines for my membership.

2.  User agree to hold the Denver Fun Network and it's agents harmless for any purchases,
changes to promotions, or cancellation of events during my membership to this network.  
In addition this covers any kind of technological disruption of service, site disruption or
third party compromise of any information given.  Ticket purchase from fee based ticket
services will be subject to the ticket service's refund guidelines in the case of a cancelled
or unattended event.

3.  I understand that a vendor can change, modify or terminate any offers to members due
to business climate, failure to remain in business or overwhelming response without
notice.  I agree to report any changes in discounts I incur to the network so that they may
update the site or email the membership.

4.  I willingly agree to provide my name, address and email address to this network so as to
receive a membership card and the newsletter.  I understand that my information will not be
sold or shared to any third party organization that is not a part of the Denver Fun Network
or its service team.

5.  User assumes that Denver Fun Network makes no warranty that its service will meet the
user's requirement or that the service will be uninterrupted, timely,fully secured or error
free, or that the network can guarantee performance by its vendors or affiliates

6.  If I lose my membership card, I will have to pay full replacement cost (usually around $2),
to receive another.  In addition my membership will be terminated if I lend my card out to

7.  I agree not to solicit, harass or threaten any other members, vendors, agents or affiliates
of this website.  Violation of this rule can lead to civil and/or criminal prosecution to the
fullest extent of the law.

8.  I agree to fully abide by arbitration in regards to purchases from vendors, my
membership fee and all other claims, as set by the management of the Denver Fun Network.

9.  I completely understand all of the preceding terms and conditions of my membership in
the Denver Fun Network.  I would like to become a member of the Denver Fun Network for
2015-2016.  I agree to pay the amount of $25.00 to join the Denver Fun Network and receive
my new funpass.