About Us

We are about networking, bringing groups of people together as well as helping local
businesses market more effectively to their customers.  In addition we help with event
promotions, charity fund raisers and organizing volunteers.

Some of the groups we have been working with include the Chamber of Commerce, CSU
Alumni and University, and many local businesses.  We have also worked with many charitable
and religious organizations along the front range.  We have helped raise tens of thousands of
dollars for local charities and have added thousands of people to our membership.

Originally founded in 2000, we started as a singles and networking site.  In 2007 we changed
our name to the Denver Fun Network with the emphasis on getting people networking together
and saving money.  This concept is becoming increasingly more popular for small businesses to
get involved in because of the immediate impact on their businesses, and because of the low
cost of attracting new customers.

Our goal is to successfully achieve a win/win/win situation for our membership, charities and
our participating businesses.  Businesses will be able to promote special offers at little or no
cost, members will receive discounts all over Colorado and groups will be able to grow and
better serve their memberships.  Our fee based membership concept will help raise even more
money for local charities, help individuals make a little extra money, and help our local economy
get turned around into the right direction.

The Denver Fun Network difference is:  By change, we mean turn them completely upside down.

  • How about a discount program that has incredible one time special promotions and regular
    everyday discounts for its members.  
  • How about a fund raising business that gives most of its incoming revenues to the actual
    fund raising groups.
  • How about a network that brings people together for fun and profitable activities.
  • How about an advertising system that allows businesses to only pay for the customers that
    actually buy something.
  • How about a website that allows every member, every small business and every sales
    person to participate for less than the cost of a tank of gas.  
  • How about a company that wants to hire more people and reward them by actually paying
    them back most of the revenue they bring in.
  • How about a website that actually looks for free items and events around town.

Our employers, our government and our household budgets are all being forced to be cut
back.  Our schools will be needing more of our help, as well as our own families. This network
has been created to help us stretch our budgets, help raise much needed money for our loved
ones, and even to help individuals and small businesses earn more money.  This network is
merely a tool to help us all come together and to make a big difference in our lives and in our
community. To find
out if this network is a good match for your group or business, please email us at