Visness Cards
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Visness Cards are custom designed virtual business cards that allow you to
grow your business by easily sharing your business and contact information
with anyone having a smartphone.  You will never be without a business
card again!

Your Visness Card (and brand) will sit on the most coveted piece of real
estate in today’s world, your client and prospect’s Home Screens. They
can’t possibly lose your “card” and your information will always be with
them.  PLUS they can share your Visness Card with others the same way
you shared it with them! Think REFERRALS!   With your custom branded
Visness Card you:

  1. Make it easy for clients and prospect to contact you with one touch
    calling and emailing.

  • Make it easy for clients and prospects to share your information with

  • Use multiple photos to showcase your products or services

  • Share your Visness card directly from your smartphone or tablet via
    email, text messaging, and social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter,
    Pinterest, Instagram)

  • Present promotional offers

  • Incorporate video and audio

  • Link to your website, social media accounts or any page on the internet

For more information visit or call us at 303.346.9001.

Denver Fun Network Members receive 10% off your card set up fee.