JFR & Assoiates
8371 Southpark Lane
707 816-1720

Are you looking for a new or used vehicle?  Would you like to save time and
all the hassles of spending all day in a dealership?  We have a wonderful
solution to your dilemma. Call Austin at JFR & Associates today at 707
816-1720 or email him at asheldon@jfrcars.com and let him shop for exactly
what you want.  He will shop all markets for you to secure your next vehicle.  
They also carry a small inventory of cars and trucks you can drive and take
home today.  Recent reports have shown that consumers save on average
10-25% when using a broker and customer satisfaction with the process is
nearly double over visiting the local dealer.

Denver Fun Pass holders will receive one free oil change on top the very
best deal offered by Austin at JFR & Associates.