Blind Sighted-the story of Yosef, based on a short story by Craig Barber
A Christmas Program (short version approximately 45 minutes with music)
inspired by the song, “When Love Was Born”
In living memory of Ron Wulfers
The recommended music tells this story far better than the
characters or lines in the program, for best results please click
the links after each title of a song.

Setting-Bethlehem 0 BC
Yosef, ages 20’s and age 50
Mary & Joseph, teenagers
Innkeeper, ages 40 and 65
Yanna, niece of innkeeper 14 and 39
Peter, age 30's
Jonathan age 20s
3 Wisemen

In this program, there are lots of areas that can be enhanced or scenery that can be more detailed. Many things have
been left open so that each performance can have its own body.  

Direction-Lights dimmed, spotlight on the stage.

Narrator:  We all know the story, a baby born in a manger, wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger
somewhere in the city of Bethlehem.  We know about the immaculate conception of Jesus from the Virgin Mary as well
as the travels of Mary and Joseph to make it to Bethlehem.  We know about the three wise men who were guided only
by the north star and found that manger in time to honor the king of kings.  We all know this story.  We also know that
each year millions of people who don’t even believe in Jesus still celebrate his birth at the same time, to celebrate love
and all that love brings to us.

This story begins about a young couple, traveling back home, with Mary carrying the baby soon to be born king. Mary
is late into her pregnancy and is having doubts that she is the right person to give birth to the son of God.  She is in a
constant state of flux, wandering how good of a mother she could be as well as what expectations there may be by
raising the son of God.

Direction-Lights up, feature Joseph and Mary traveling…
Play/perform song of travel, such as
“Breath of Heaven”

Direction-Dim the lighting, return spotlight on stage

Narrator:  While the story of giving birth to Jesus is a very important one,  tonight we tell the story of Yosef, a Jew, a
businessman, a leader in the community, and a special message he brings to us on this Christmas holiday.  For his
journey had just begun on the night of the birth of Jesus…

Direction- Play perform 1-2 minutes musical interlude, recommended instrumental version of “What child is this?”

Narrator:  Yosef was almost everything his parents and his friends wanted him to be.  He owned land, he owned
goats and sheep and he cared for others.  He married his childhood sweetheart. He cared for his land, his animals, his
business and became one of Bethlehem’s finest citizens.

Direction-Lights up to common Bethlehem surroundings, perhaps a market or an eatery.  Show Yosef eagerly
meeting with and enjoying the company of a couple locals.

Yosef:  Peter, how are you my friend?

Peter:  Good, good to see you again, Yosef.

Yosef:  Where have you been these past few months?

Peter:  I have been on a journey of discovery.

Yosef:  Well, have you discovered where your missing tooth is yet?

Direction-Both laughing heartily.

Peter:  I believe it is still in your pasture where that stubborn mule of yours kicked me.  Do you still have that animal?

Yosef:  Yes I do, and I still give him special treatment for knocking that gold tooth out of you.

Direction-Both laugh again. Yosef turns to greet another friend

Jonathan:  Yosef are you still teasing him about the whereabouts of his missing tooth?

Yosef:  Yes, Jonathan it’s one of the best things I ever got from that old mule.

Direction-Both laughing

Jonathan:  Yosef my friend, could I ask you for your help with something?

Yosef:  Sure, does it have something to do with a gold tooth?

Direction-Both laughing

Jonathan:  No it does not.  But it has to do with that lady you introduced me to.

Yosef:  Why, did she kick you?

Direction-Both laughing

Jonathan:  (laughs) Well not yet anyway.  We were wondering if you could join us for dinner tomorrow?

Yosef:  You’re not serving mule, are you? (laughing louder)  

Jonathan:  Well, we haven’t decided yet, (laughing in unison).

Direction- Dim lights

Narrator:  Yosef endeared himself to many of his friends and neighbors with a smiling hello, a hardy embrace or quick
mention of what he recollected from their last meeting.  He wasn’t the most popular citizen of Bethlehem, but it was
obvious to all he was quietly becoming a favorite to many.  He lent a hand when he could and often brought a smile
out from most of those who knew him.

For many years, Yosef knew where his path in life was headed.  Life was going to be good for him and he would bask
in sharing his good fortune with others.  This was how it was to be until he experienced one terrible night, nearly four
years ago.  It was the night that was supposed to be the best night of his life.  His bride was about to give birth to their
first child, but something had gone terribly wrong.  That night was when he lost his lovely bride due to the
complications of giving birth to their son.  Neither she nor his son survived the ordeal.  Yosef would never forget that
terrible night.  

He had not remarried nor had he ever planned to have a family again.  Yosef had done his best to mourn the loss of
his family and to bravely move on, but something kept stirring in him that there was something even more special that
would come someday, probably when he was least expecting it.  He kept to himself a lot and directed most of his
efforts around his daily routines, forever wandering what could have been and where his future would lead to now.  
This brings us to the night of Jesus’ birth and where the young couple and Yosef’s paths cross.

Yosef was busy following up with several of his business colleagues and friends one day.  When darkness fell on this
special night, he found himself at one of the inns near the outskirts of town.  People were hopelessly crowding the inn
hoping for a chance there was still a room available.  The Roman census was taking place and thousands of citizens
were trying to make their way home to be counted.  Yosef knew the innkeeper well and knew that it had to break his
heart to turn so many people away.  Not wanting to make things worse, Yosef decided to skip his meeting with the
innkeeper and walked away from the small crowd.  While attempting to leave Yosef was approached by Yanna, a
young lady who often helped tend to the guests of the inn.

Direction-Lights up, Yosef walking across the stage when young lady calls out to him. “Yosef!”

Yanna:  Yosef, wait.  It’s so good to see you.

Yosef:  It’s good to see you too, Yanna.  It looks like the inn may be housing more people tonight than ever.

Yanna: I have never seen it like this before.  I may be working through the night to try to keep up with all of the guests.

Yosef:  I certainly do not envy you or anyone at the inn tonight.  Is there anything you need from me?

Yanna: Yes, have you any cloths for us?  We sure could use them.  I’m afraid we will be using much more tonight than

Yosef:  Let’s take a look.  Yes here, this is all that I have, I hope this will help.

Direction- Yosef gives several towels, cloths to Yanna.

Yanna:  Oh thank you, this will help us so much.

Yosef:  Well, I will see you again on my next visit.

Direction-They start to turn away from each other, then Yanna calls out to Yosef again.

Yanna:  Yosef, wait!

Yosef:  Yes, Yanna.

Yanna:  I feel there is something you should know.

Yosef:   What is it child?

Yanna:  There was a young couple that came in earlier.  She was heavy with child and my uncle could not bring
himself to turn them away.

Yosef:  Did he find them a room?

Yanna:  No.  He was out of rooms long before they came.

Yosef:  Yanna, where did he put them?

Yanna:  He told them try to find a place to lay with the animals back in the stable.

Yosef:  You don’t mean they are having to spend the whole night there?  With the animals?  In all that filth?  How
soon is the baby coming?

Yanna:  I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s real soon.

Yosef:  Yanna, I am so sorry to hear this. Thank you very much for telling me.  (pause, sigh)  I’ll see what I can do.

Yanna:  Yosef, there’s something else you should know.

Yosef:  Yes child.

Yanna:  I believe the young man’s name is the same as yours.  I just thought you should know.

Yosef:  Thank you Yanna, now go back to the inn. I will see you soon.

Direction-Dim lights

Narrator:  Yosef started again to walk farther away from the inn, now deep in thought.  He couldn’t help but reflect
back a few years ago when he was the expectant father and fate had dealt him a cruel blow.  Flashbacks appeared to
him as he kept walking through town, trying not to re-live that night, but yet at the same time still hoping to never, ever
forget it.  For it was the last night he ever saw his loving wife.

After walking awhile, something occurred to him that there was more than just his recurring nightmare that was at
stake here.  He had to do something, but what?  Yosef was nearly home when he thought to himself, there is room in
what once was going to be a nursery at my home.   

Direction-Lights up, Yosef traveling near his home

Yosef:  I must offer it to the young couple.  I do not want them to have it worse than my wife and I did when she tried
to give birth to my son.  (pause) I wonder if they have any animals to travel on?  I’ll grab my finest mule and return to
the inn.

Direction-Dim lights, return the spotlight

Narrator:  When he arrived home he found his best mule, loaded him up and began his return to the inn.  It was less
than a few miles back to inn.  Yosef curiously looked upward into the night sky and noticed that one star was shining
brighter than usual.  It almost appeared as it if it was directing him back to the inn.

It had been a few hours since Yosef had left the inn.  He was hoping the couple would still be there.  When he reached
the inn, there was no one outside waiting anymore.  The small crowd had left, perhaps they found another inn he
thought to himself?  Then three very wealthy men, possibly royals approached.  From the backs of camels they rode
up to him and asked if he knew of a young couple who may be expecting a child very soon.  Yosef introduces himself
then tells the men to, “Come with me”.  They followed him to the stable near the back of the lot.  Now Yosef thought to
himself, there is something very special going on, it’s surely not just his imagination. Yosef led the men back to the
stable. There was a lot of commotion and sounds of screaming when they reached the stable.  

Direction-Lights up, sounds of commotion coming from behind the stable door.  Yosef approaches the stable door.

Yosef:  I believe they are here.  Let me check, I will be right back.

Direction- Yosef opens the door to the stable, then suddenly a very bright light, (and a loud boom?), flashes from
behind the door. Within a minute, Yosef emerges through the door from the stable, blinded and disoriented.  His face
dramatically different as he wanders over toward the wise men.

Wise man:  Yosef, are you okay?

Yosef:  Yes, the Lord has shown me the new Prince of Peace, the King of Kings.  I have seen the very door that
opens up to the heavens.  I have seen the face of God himself.

Wise man:  What has happened to your eyes, your face?

Yosef:  I’ll be okay, you must visit the newborn baby and family and present them with what you have brought from
your kingdoms.

Wiseman:  Are you sure you will be okay?

Yosef:  I will be okay, please go to Him.

Direction-The three wise men go in through the door, bearing gifts.  Dim lights, return the spotlight onto Yosef.  Play
or perform
“When Love Was Born”-by Mark Schultz

Narrator:  Yosef’s life would never be the same.  He thought he may have lost everything when he lost his wife and
future son.  Now God has taken his eyesight and his ability to work his business and his land.  What would become of

Yosef tried as best as he could to adjust to his new reality.  After a few years of failing to keep his home, his land
and his animals all cared for, Yosef finally decided it was time to move on.
When the time came he sold his land and all of his animals.  Because he was well liked and well thought of, he was
able to receive a little more than they were probably worth.  This would provide for him for the next several years.

Yosef was always a delightful, thoughtful man and someone everyone could love and hold in good standing.  After
his eyesight was taken away, he became even more admirable and well liked.  It wasn’t that people were taken to pity
the poor blind man.  They loved him for his candor and applauded him for his wealth of knowledge.  It seemed as
though all of his senses were much sharper and his mind was much more witty than ever before.  The stories he would
tell were so vivid that they were hard to tell whether they were his family stories or the stories of others.

When Yosef turned 50, he was invited to speak at the Temple.  He was asked if he could tell some of his best stories.  
Yosef accepted and went to the temple to tell his story and what he believed to be his purpose for the past several
years.  When he got to the temple he was greeted by an old friend, (a former innkeeper), and his niece, Yanna.

Direction-Brighten lights to scene outside of temple.

Innkeeper:  Yosef, it has been a long time my friend how are you?

Yosef:  I am good, God has been very good to me, and you?

Innkeeper:  Well like you, I too, have moved on to bigger things.  I have come to listen to you speak, for it has been
too long since I have heard from you my friend.  I have heard many of our townspeople say that you have been
touched by God.  That just listening to your stories makes us all feel that he is always with us.

Yosef:  Yes he does live with us every day.  But it is not me whom you shall seek as the messenger.  You see, the
messiah has come.  He is Jesus of Nazareth, born that night in your stable.  Soon he will be coming to the temple to
deliver his final message and his final sacrifice for all of us.  He has also healed many of us.

Innkeeper:  Well I hope we are fortunate enough to see Him in the near future.

Yanna:  Yosef!  Oh how we have missed you these many years.  How have you managed?

Yosef:  Yanna, how good to hear your voice again.  I am better since that wonderful night at the inn.  I want you to
know how grateful I am that you told me about the young couple in the stable.  That you are not to blame for me losing
my sight.  That night is when I not only lost my sight but gained more than any pair of eyes could ever have seen.  
From that night I have been the most blessed man in all the land.

Yanna: How could that be? You have had to give up everything since the losing of your sight.  What could a man who
has lost everything benefit from one night in our stables?

Yosef:  Yanna, I do not need a working pair of eyes to know that you have become a beautiful woman.  I do not need
my eyes to tell me it’s a beautiful day.  I lost my sight at the same time I was given the pathway to heaven, the future of
my life and a savior to forgive my sins.  You have a pair of eyes that sparkle like sapphires but you do not know yet
the way to heaven or what is the right path for you to travel.  I have truly been blessed.

Yanna:  Yosef, you are our beloved friend and a man truly of God.  We shall go and find ourselves the best seat in
the house.

Direction-Dim lights

Narrator: Yosef went on to speak at the temple.  Many who have not heard of him or listened to any of his stories
were amazed by the detail of how he described what has transpired over the past several years.  Details a man
without sight should not be able to give.  When he spoke of the night in the innkeeper’s stable, he deliberately paused
a few minutes, to relate how long he was witness to the greatest story ever told.  Although there were no musicians or
singers in the temple, many heard music for those couple of minutes, describing some of what Yosef had seen.  Then
Yosef sang a song, describing who he had become.

Direction- Lights up

Play or perform, “Redeemed” (Big Daddy Weave)

Dim lights

Narrator: The innkeeper and Yanna were so enamored with what they had heard, they wanted to take Yosef into a
town just hours away.  They had wanted to surprise Yosef with a special gift.  You see, there was talk that Jesus was
to visit there the very next day and that he is gifted with healing powers.  Stories had spread that he had healed
lepers, brought back sight to the blind, healed the legs of the crippled to walk again and may have even brought a
man back to life from the dead.  They were hoping maybe Jesus could bring sight back to their old friend.  So they
brought Yosef to the that town only to find out that he already knew Jesus was to be there.

Direction-Lights up, common area

Yanna:  Yosef, let’s go a hear the local rabbi speak.

Yosef:  When you say local rabbi, could you be speaking of Jesus?

Yanna:  How could you know?  We have not spoken of him the since we left the Temple.

Yosef:  Oh my child, just because a man does not have the full use of his eyes, doesn’t mean he cannot see a good
plan when it comes together.

Yanna:  So you will come with us to see Him?

Yosef:  I already hear the words of Jesus, he speaks the word of God, For on the night of his birth, a bright light came
down from out of the sky.  For many moments I was frozen right where I stood.  I could see the newborn baby Jesus
coming into the world.  The angels were flying above singing praises.  Then I looked up into the night sky and I could
see the gates of heaven.  From that point on I have been hearing what plans God has given to his son Jesus and
what words to say.  Now Yanna, was it that you really wanted me to hear Jesus speak, or were you hoping Jesus would
heal me and give me back my sight?

Yanna:  Yosef, you have been so long without the use of your eyes and you have given so much.  I thought if he were
to want to heal anyone, it surely would be you.

Yosef:  Yanna my dear child, please hear me when I say I love you as if you were my own.  God has given me more
vision than any man I have ever met.  If he were to give me my eyesight back, I would have to give up
His vision.  I say
to you that I would truly trade the use of my two eyes for what He has given me if I had the chance to do it all over
again.  Wouldn’t you do the same?

Yanna:  Yosef, you have seen all of this and know it to be true.  I cannot know unless I have seen the same.

Yosef:  Yanna, I understand, but God has come to us in our time.  If we can’t believe in Him when he is here, how
could all of the people born one hundred years from now believe in Him?  How could people born a thousand years
from now believe?  Sometimes seeing is not believing.  Sometimes believing is only what you do not see.  I have a
song for you that may help you understand of what I speak.

Direction- Dim lights, return spotlight, play/perform El Shaddai

Direction- Lights up. Yanna looks startled, looking at the audience.
Yosef joins her at the front of the stage comforting her.

Yanna:  Yosef, who are all of these people and why are they dressed so funny? (pointing out into the audience
numerous times, allowing many laughs coming from the audience)

Yosef:  They are probably followers of Jesus.  They are possibly looking for a special message to warm
their hearts or to see some kind of sign that assures them that Jesus is here.

Yanna:  Jesus is here? (looking around) Where?

Yosef:  Jesus is here within us.  He is everywhere and in every heart that welcomes Him.  These folks are most likely
celebrating the season of Christmas.  A season of love and a season of giving.

Yanna:  Yosef, what should we do?

Yosef:  Let us sing a song of Joy, let’s let these people feel the joy that we feel, that Christ is here.

Direction- Lead audience to sing “Joy to the World”

Direction- Close curtains take final bow
Our Free Christmas Story/Progam